My August Love

My August Love

At the end of May this year my special someone sent me a link to Jodi Higgs 30 day Abs Challenge. We agreed to do it together and I’ve fallen in love with challenges.

Doing the abs challenge required that I attempt to do something that I hated, wanted to skip, thought for sure I could NOT do and in the end did very well! I learned that I CAN do many things that once thought impossible. It won’t be easy, but things worth achieving are rarely easy.

I moved onto a 30 day Arms Challenge in July and am struggling to overcome my mental block with push ups. I hate them. I often wake up dreading the workout for the day. I’m about 2/3 through the workout and secretly loving how my arms are firmer. Reluctantly I am having to admit that I can do this. I just need to stick with it, break up the reps, and welcome the pain as a temporary inconvenience.

Next month I have a Spartan Sprint to run at the beginning of the month. This 30 days Squats Challenge will fit nicely with that and complete the major body group for resistance training.

Fitness is a very mental game. Developing the mental toughness to do the workout you hate and eat the food that you should instead of the food you love builds a type of confidence in yourself that serves you well in other areas of your life.


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